Friday 19 January 2018
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Mid Hampshire Observer Latest Issue

The Mid Hampshire Observer

Established in January 2001 with the aim of returning an independent newspaper to the good people of England’s former capital, the Observer is now distributed to over 17000 homes in and around Winchester every week, available to pick up from various points around the district and even available online or as an app!

The Observer has retained its own identity and principles over the years (albeit slightly quirky at times!) Offering local news, relevant and current features and low advertising rates. More importantly it retains the traditional belief that it is a local paper for local people.

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Hampshire Independent Latest Issue

Hampshire Independent - The latest addition to the Observer family

Following on from the success of its sister papers (The Mid and West Hampshire Observer's), we are proud to announce the arrival of The Hampshire Independent. Available throughout the whole county, the ethos of the Independent is the same as its more established siblings.

With colourful features, interesting articles, entertainment and sports news there is also a mix of local companies advertising, recruitment and legal and public notices appearing weekly. As ever, we welcome your views, so if you have any thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to servicing the county for years to come.

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